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Objective: To craft compelling, creative, and beautiful art in a fulfilling environment surrounded
           by passionate individuals that love games as much as I do.


  • 3DS Max: Creating organic and hard surface models from concept art and photo reference.  Low and high poly game modeling, UVW mapping, normal map creation, lighting, rigging and weighting.
  • Z-Brush: High poly organic and hard surface sculpting for normal map creation. Texture Painting
  • Maya: Modeling, rigging and weighting, basic animation and Motion Capture cleanup
  • Photoshop: Making usable textures and tiling materials for game assets using a combination of hand painting and photo manipulation techniques.
  • Additional Software: TopoGun, nDo2, Substance Painter, xNormal, Mudbox, AutoCAD
  • Engines used: 4+ years Unity, Beast Lightmapping and Light Probes; 2 years Unreal
  • Never runs with scissors


Industry Experience

Lead Artist - Mind Over Eye                                                           Nov '13 - Current
Oversaw and worked with a small team of artists to created various 3d assets for multiple mobile games and apps. In addition to tasking and mentoring other artists; and setting up best practices and game dev pipeline; I also modeled high and low polygon objects from reference and was responsible for creating UVs, textures, and importing and setting up assets within Unity Game Engine (applying shaders, physics, creating collision meshes, ect.)

3d Artist - Programmatic Conquest                                                 May '13 - Nov '13 In charge of creating 3d assets for upcoming web based project using the Unity Game Engine.  Responsible for creating and maintaining art style and direction. Responsible for setting up preliminary art pipeline that utilizes modular construction and asset sharing.

3d Artist - Institute for Creative Technologies                          May '10 - March '13 Worked with a small team of artists and programmers on numerous iterative projects with multiple deadlines to create next generation medical and military simulations. Responsibilities included: Modeling high and low poly characters and game assets from reference material; sculpting; UV unwrap; texturing; rigging and weighting of characters; and creating basic animations. Creating environmental concepts, modeling and texturing of environmental assets.  Provided constructive feedback and critiques for other artists.



  • Ferris State University, Grand Rapids, MI. Bachelors Degree: Digital Animation and Game Design
  • Grand Rapids Community College. Associates of Science


Shipped Games / Projects

Dodge Revolution - Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store
Lead Artist: Made sure the trains ran on time. Oversaw and tasked team of five artists. Created and optimized asset pipeline for Mobile racing game. Modeled, textures and implemented various game assets. Created lighting solutions for final game using Beast Lightmapping and Light probes.

Playworld Systems - Available on the Apple App Store
3d Artist: Modeled and textures numerous playground and environmental asstes for Augmented Reality Mobile app. Imported and set up assets in Unity Game Engine.

Lead Artist.  Created numerous 3D assets for Web based educational game utilizing Unity Game Engine.  Designed and implemented art style and pipeline.  Imported and set up asset in Unity Game Engine.

Virtual Patient Project                                    
Character Artist:  Created, updated and maintained variety of characters ranging from infant to adult.  Created multiple clothing sets for some characters and was working to implement new character pipeline that would allow for asset sharing between characters. Responsible for sculpting and texturing high poly meshes.  Created low poly game meshes, UV layout, and texture baking.  Rigged characters to custom skeleton and painted skin weights.  Created facial animations.   

3d Artist: Designed and constructed assets for six different environments including a Classroom, Army base, Doctors office, and Navy Sickbay before being promoted to Character Artist.

MILES / INOTS                                                                          
3D Artist:  Ported characters and Environments from Gamebryo Engine into Unity. Updated pre-existing character with new clothing and accessories.  Rigged character.  Designed and modeled new environment. Created textures and meshes for various assets and imported them into Unity Game Engine.  Set up lighting for scene and character.

Bravemind / STRIVE                                                  
Designer / 3d Artist:  Design and mocked up Afghan Village environment.  Created new assets for Afghan Village as well as updated out of date assets for use in Unity Game Engine.

3D Artist:  Ported and updated assets from Gamebryo Engine into Unity. Updated character meshes and character rigs.  Created additional assets for scene.




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