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Available now for free on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. The Dodge Revolution App allows you to unlock and customize five different Dodge cars and SUV's and take them for a test spin on three distinct tracks.

As Lead Artist for this mobile project, I had my hands in just about everything, from creating and optimizing asset pipeline to building and maintaining game assets. I oversaw a team of five additional artists and saw to it assets were completed on time and on spec. It was a lot of long nights and late hours, but I had a lot of fun on this project.

During the course of the project, I got to put on my level designer cap, and played a significant roll in laying out both the City Streets night, and Costal Dusk courses. I was also the Senior Unity Artist, and was responsible for importing and setting up the majority of art assets in game. I was tasked with creating the lighting solutions for the City and Coast levels, using a combination of Unity Light Probes and Beast Lightmaping to "light" the scenes without using a single real time light.

While I did do a lot of work on this project, I did not do it alone. I worked with some great artists to create all of the screen shots here. All images are direct screen captures from device. (Ipad 3)

I was responsible for developing and maintaining the Vehicle Pipeline, including training of artists and documentation. Through the course of the project, I made numerous optimizations that ended up cutting the draw calls for each vehicle in half. While I helped out here and there, the majority of the vehicular modeling was handel by other team members. I was responsible for getting each model set up correctly in engine, and helping out the Vehicle Artists as needed.


Main City Track Tunnel. The wall lighting was baked into the textures and then set up a slightly emissive. All car lighting is from Beast Light Probes. In addition to initial lay out of this track, I was also responsible for placing a large chunk of the props in editor. The roads used a pretty cool Vertex color shader that added specular based on Vertex color. This allowed us to bake in specular lighting in addition to shadows on the roads. Road surface was modeled and textured by me. Unity implementation and prop placement in this image was also my work, while the cars and tunnel walls were created by addition artists.

Coastal Track: All of the lighting in the scene comes from Beast Light Mapping in Unity. Cars were lit using Light Probes. I was responsible for Unity implementation, and prop placement. Majority of props and the car were created by additional artists.

Fun little trick: In order to cut down draw calls and improve frame rate, the each track was devided into numerous zones that we would turn on and off as needed. This allowed us to replace major portions of the map with pre-rendered plans and cut well over 1000 draw calls in some places. Any time we could hide a bunch of objects from the players view (in a tunnel or when behind a mountain for example) we would turn off all of the unneeded geometry.




Copyright 2014 Keith Schaffer. Dodge and Dodge Revolution are Copyright Fiat Chrysler Automotive and MindOverEye.